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It is with great honor and sense of duty that the members of the IAFF 1619 Peer Support Team provide confidential services to our own and their families, in their time of need. 

Resources We Can Recommend 


Social Worker 

Marriage and Family Therapy


Chemical Dependency



Budget and Debt Issues 


Child and Elder Care 

Bereavement Services 

 Station Visits 

Peer Support Team members routinely conduct station visits to provide education in mental fitness. The intention of these visits is have a connection with our brothers and sisters to improve their lives on and off the job. Station visit requests can be made by any member regardless of rank or seniority. Station visits are informal, non intrusive and participation is always voluntary. 

Potential Traumatic Events 

Potentially traumatic events (PTE) effects everyone differently. Peer support differs from many mental health approaches. Our program recognizes that everyone processes PTE's differently. Evidence based research suggests that allowing time after an event for our members to process these events is generally beneficial. PTE's are usually experiences that are jarring to our members' sense of safety and sense of normalcy. An event may have little impact on one person but cause severe distress in another.


If you believe that you, a crew member or family member have experienced a potential traumatic event; or are having a difficult time coping with the stressors of the job/life; please reach out directly to a team member or the 24/7 confidential hotline. Examples of potential traumatic events include, but are not limited to line of duty deaths (LOD), near misses, death/ server injury of a child, injury of a member, mass-casualty events, and acts of terrorism.

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