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The IAFF Local 1619 Peer Support Team provides support to members and their families during times of need.

The peer support model is as old as the fire service. Peer support was historically firefighters helping each other. The need for behavioral health was always there, however, it was rarely included in the historical peer support model. In 2016, a string of tragedies occurred within the Local 1619 community. These tragedies made it clear that a behavioral health network needs to be an easily accessible resource for our members. 

Today The Local 1619 Peer Support Team (Prince George's County, Maryland) consists of dedicated active sworn, civilian and retired members who are always available to provide resources to our members and their families. Stigma has been a historical barrier that has prevented many people from seeking help. We serve as a bridge for our members to professional resources for any issues they may face. Although taking the initial step to reach out for help may be extremely difficult, our trained team members are there to help.

Members We Serve

  • Active Sworn Members & Their Families 

  • Civilian Members & Their Families 

  • Retired Members  & Their Families 

Accessing the Team

  • Reach Out To Your Personal Peer Support Network

  • Directly Contact a Team Member 

  • 24/7 Confidential Hotline

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